Founded in 1990, the company was and is built with dedication for the client at the center

Hello everyone,

As the founder of this high-tech insurance company, I want to welcome you all and express my excitement for the future of our company. We have set out to change the world, to make a significant impact on people’s lives, and provide a better, more secure future for our customers.

We believe that technology is the key to solving many of the challenges faced by the insurance industry today. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best possible service, making insurance more accessible, more efficient, and more tailored to their individual needs.

At our core, we are a company that believes in doing things differently. We believe that the status quo is not good enough, and that there is always room for improvement. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to serve our customers, to make insurance more transparent and understandable, and to make it easier for people to protect the things that matter most.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world where insurance is no longer a source of stress and uncertainty, but a source of peace of mind and security. We want to empower our customers, to give them the tools and resources they need to take control of their lives and protect their futures.

We know that this is not an easy task, but we are up for the challenge. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, to taking risks, and to always putting our customers first. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter, more secure future for everyone.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Jeff CLine

Founder VRTCLS, 1-800-MEDIGAP Jeff CLine

Jeff Cline

Founder and Board Chair

Our partners

Customer Satisfaction is our passion

Dear valued customers, agents, clients, and shareholders,

As the CEO of our company, I want to take a moment to express our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that our success is directly tied to the happiness and satisfaction of our internal and external customers, agents, clients, and shareholders.

We understand that customer satisfaction is not just a buzzword or a marketing slogan. It is a way of life for our organization. It is ingrained in everything we do, from the products and services we offer, to the way we interact with our customers and stakeholders.

We take pride in our ability to build strong relationships with our customers, to listen to their needs, and to provide them with the personalized attention they deserve. We believe that by doing so, we can create lifelong customers who will continue to trust and rely on us for their insurance needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our agents and employees as well. We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to providing them with a supportive and positive work environment that enables them to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

We also understand that our shareholders are key stakeholders in our success. We are committed to providing them with the highest possible return on their investment, through smart and sustainable growth strategies that are aligned with our core values and principles.

In short, customer satisfaction is not just a priority for us, it is our passion. We believe that by putting our customers first, we can build a company that is truly world-class, and one that is capable of making a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.


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