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We are excited you have interest in our network. We strive to provide NEXT LEVEL service and Success tools for our internal customers like yourself, while building a global ecosystem to drive our internal brands’ and team members’ success.


We are a group of insurance executives who happen to also be geeks, leveraging some pretty cool stuff to help you and us, grow our businesses together.


We leverage the Refinement.ai platform to hyper target HIGH INTENT CUSTOMERS during the insurance journey, saving them (and you) time and money!


We leverage the VRTCLS consumer database to provide a level of BIG DATA to our ecosystem to help increase scale and the most profitable way providing HIGH VALUE REFERRALS! 

Private Network

We reach 10’s of millions across our proprietary marketing platform, allowing for JUST IN TIME marketing and real-time referrals for all our business units.

#ARTLAB: “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

Our Strategic acquisition model helps us increase the POWER of VRTCLS, Refinement and our Private Network to create a win-win for the right target opportunities.


If you want to take your personal business, agency, IMO or Plan to the next level, connect with us, and lets build something special together.

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Technology Needs

Leverage our proven technology to help meet your business objectives, and become a part of the INSURANCE ECOSYSTEM that will disrupt the industry!

Reduce Strain

Leverage our technology to reduce operational strain and increase on your razor thin profit. We have case studies that show a 13% increase in under 1 year!

Unlimited Referrals

Take a look at one of our proprietary platforms built for agents by agents.

Agents.biz where consumers connect in real-time with our partners and pros!

Looking to sell?

We have some key needs and we are looking to do either an acquisition or bolt-on depending on the right opportunity. Call 972-800-6670 to schedule a discovery call!

Tech Stack

Tired of trying to figure it out on your own, or hiring geeks that have NO CLUE about insurance, or keep coming in OVER BUDGET and out of deadline?